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My advice to those considering coming to Kings: definitely do it!

17 Feb, 2017
My advice to those considering coming to Kings: definitely do it!

Meet Oscar Hidalgo, from El Salvador, currently studying the Advanced Level Foundation at Kings Bournemouth.

Hi Oscar. What made you decide to come to the UK to study, and why did you choose Kings specifically?
I studied in El Salvador at a university for two years and I have lived there all my life. So I really wanted to live abroad. Even though it is much colder in the UK, I like the food, the mentality of the people – everyone is very friendly.

I could have gone to the US and be closer to home. but I was very fascinated by the high level of education in the UK – you can get a Bachelor’s degree in 3 years and a Master’s degree in one year. The culture and way of education just attracted me.

What do you think are the best things about Kings?
Kings and all the members to staff are special with their personal approach. Everyone is helpful and will offer support as soon as they see you have a question or are struggeling with something. In my normal schools, they just gave us grades. Here, I am always asked how I am and if everything is okay. With my course tutor, I also have weekly meetings, so there is support everywhere.

How are you finding the Foundation course, and what subjects are you taking?
I am really enjoying it. My subjects are Maths, Physics, Economics, Data and even Further Maths.

What are your plans for university, and your future career?
I would like to focus in actuarial sciences, for example Mathematics with Statistics, Financial Mathematics and that can open my way to become an accountant. I would love to go to Bath University or to Surrey, my favourite would be St. Andrews.

Where are you staying – in a residence or home stay? What are the best things about your accommodation?
I’m living with a lovely host family in Charminster. We eat dinner together every day and talk about what happened during the day. I live with another student and that made the start at Kings very easy. They cook lovely food and the house is very clean.

What things do you do outside school by way of activities? Are you involved in any clubs and socities?
I am in the book, science, game, yoga and fitness club. The clubs help me to do more than study and really relax me – good life/ study balance.

What do you think of Bournemouth/UK? Had you visited before you started your course?
I really like that everything is close. Shops and anything you might need is very close. The Bournemouth Gardens are nice and very close to the beach. There is always something going on. Last week, there was a big ferris wheel at the pier front and there is lots happening there. I like keeping busy and finish my homework soon, so I can go to town. I have not visited the UK or Bournemouth before, so it was really exciting to arrive here.

What would you say to anyone considering coming to Kings to study the Foundation programme?
The website is great and shows you great pictures and a lot of activities in Bournemouth. There was always someone beforehand answering my questions, so it was really easy to apply.

What I would say to anyone considering coming to Kings is: “Definitely, do it!”