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My advice: don't let the current climate hold you back

06 Dec, 2021
My advice: don't let the current climate hold you back

Thais Dedini, from Brazil, is currently taking the English Plus Law course with us in London. Here, she shares the highlights of her experience, her reasons for studying, and her thoughts on doing so in the midst of the Covid pandemic.

Hi Thais. How long have you been at Kings? What course are you taking?

I’ve been here for a total of four weeks and this week is my last unfortunately; time has gone by so fast. I study English and Law.

"I’m a lawyer in Brazil and my English was lacking to the point I need a dictionary with me at all times."

I felt that my dependency on the dictionary wasn’t something I wanted forever.

What do you enjoy most about your lessons?

What I enjoy most about my lessons is the complete focus the teacher gives you. The classrooms are very small; it sort of feels like a one-on-one private lesson.

"My teachers are very accommodating and accessible and they have instilled a lot of confidence in my legal English skills."

Why did you decide to take this course?

As I mentioned, I’m a lawyer and have to review contracts for my law firm. My grammar and basic English skills were lacking, I would constantly be looking the dictionary and that alone took forever as well as being extremely annoying at times. So, I knew that I need to take the step to learn English properly by attending an international school like Kings.

What made you choose Kings over another language school?

The fact that I was able to choose both law and English was the main reason I chose Kings. Upon researching different international schools, I saw that option wasn’t available so when I saw that Kings offered that, I was extremely happy about it.

How have you found the experience of traveling abroad during the Covid pandemic and do you have any advice for other students considering coming?

I’m Brazilian, and the pandemic was extremely chaotic, but now things have been at a steady pace because of the vaccines. I have a daughter as well who has severe asthma, so I was sort of concerned with travelling aboard because she is very vulnerable. But after a while I felt comfortable with the idea because the school accommodate lateral flow tests, and everyone is super understanding with wearing masks in public places.

"The pandemic is still going on so we still need to be careful but I don’t want that to be the reason to stop you. Things will get better shortly and if you're able to come the UK than I advise you to do so and not let the current climate stop from achieving whatever it is (you want) for your future."

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