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More student transfer success this Fall

02 Aug, 2021
More student transfer success this Fall

Despite a very challenging year, we are delighted that this Fall our students will once again be transferring to a range of elite and globally recognized universities to continue their degree studies.

So far, Kings students have received offers from following Top 50 universities:

  • University of Michigan–Ann Arbor (#24)
  • University of Southern California (USC) (#24)
  • New York University (#30)
  • University of California–Santa Barbara (#30)
  • ·University of Florida (#30)
  • University of Rochester (#34)
  • University of California–San Diego (#35)
  • Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) (#35)
  • University of California–Davis ($39)
  • University of Texas–Austin (#42)
  • University of Wisconsin–Madison (#42)
  • Boston University (#42)
  • University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) (#47)
  • University of Georgia (#47)

Meet a few of our departing students and hear about their experience at Kings.

PolinaPolina, from Russia

“I went to UWO, Fox Cities because it had courses in Computer Science. I choose Kings because they have advisors, which I believed would help me in a foreign country. I’ve been accepted to the University of Southern California (#24), New York University (#30), the University of Wisconsin-Madison (#42), and the University of Utah (#97)”

Read Polina's full interview


Bori, from South Korea

“(The GO) program interested me because when I entered I didn’t have the confidence to attend all-English classes. And since then it has been easier for me because of the high attention that professors have given to me.”

“Kings helped because I received messages from email or Kakao Talk to follow-up and help. I would sometimes go to my Progression Advisor’s office, and she was nice to me. Also, workshops were helpful.”

Bori has received offers from four great universities, including UC–San Diego (#35) and University of Wisconsin–Madison (#42) to study Biology.


Francisco. from Mexico

“I made a lot of mistakes and procrastinated, but Kings helped me to do the right things and on time. They helped to answer my questions and explain things that I didn’t understand. They helped to recommend the best next steps or helping to find other sources for advice.”

Francisco was accepted to transfer to Georgia Institute of Technology (#35), and UW–Madison (#42) as an Engineering major.


Geer (Chelsea) from China

“I have been accepted to the University of Wisconsin-Madison and am excited to go there this fall.

I worked closely with my Kings Progression Advisor during the transfer process to receive support in revising my essay and resume. Whenever I had any troubles in my courses or in life, I knew I could go to Kings staff to get help.”


Carol. from Indonesia

"Studying here has also helped me adjust to the U.S. higher education system so I know I can be successful when I transfer."

Kings helped me a lot! The transfer admissions process is not easy so they always helped answer all my questions. They worked with me to make sure I finished everything on time and also helped me review my transfer applications and essays.”

Carol was accepted for transfer to Purdue University–West Lafayette (#53), University of Washington, Seattle (#58), and UW–Madison (#42), where she plans to complete her degree studies.

Read Carol's full interview

University transfer process can be a stressful and complicated process. Our expert advisors will guide each and every student through the entire transfer process from target university identification, course selection to transfer university applications.

Kings advisors are passionate about securing the best possible acceptances for our students, which is why so many progress to the very best US universities.

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