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Mibuki: A day in the life of a Kings English student

27 Oct, 2020
Mibuki: A day in the life of a Kings English student

Mibuki, from Japan, is studying the Diploma of Intensive English course at Kings London for 8 months. Here, she tells us in her own words about what an average day is like for her.

“I normally wake up at 8am and arrive at school by 9am, as school starts at the time.

I mainly study grammar and vocabulary in the morning class. I discuss the answers of each tasks with classmates and develop them for each other. We can also practice speaking at that time.

In the break time, I have snacks and coffee with my classmates. It is relaxing time in which we talk about our lives here and share thoughts."

"At lunch time, I eat my lunch which I made in the morning, or sometimes I go to the cafeteria in the Link with friends. After lunch, we have chats or play games, all the time we are talking and having fun.

In the afternoon class, I'm taking IELTS class, so I study how to tackle questions and use time effectively there. We occasionally take a test which is reading / speaking / listening / writing as a practice to improve the skills individually.

After afternoon class, I play table tennis with classmates, it's really fun because playing sports is exhilarating."

"I often go to central London on weekends with friends, at last we are free! Having dinner with them and talking about what we did in that week are such a good time for us as we speak English, so it’s kind of practice as well.

I've tried to get sleep before 1am every day and so far I've been doing well, of course I do homework before the end of the day!”