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A host of activities for Mental Health Awareness Week at Kings Oxford

20 May, 2024
A host of activities for Mental Health Awareness Week at Kings Oxford

Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK is held in May and at Kings we recognise the importance of fostering an environment where mental health is discussed openly, and support is readily available. This week we organised several charity events to raise awareness and funds for the Mental Health Foundation.

Mental health issues affect millions of people worldwide, including members of our own community. By hosting events like the Tiki Bar soft drink sale and the 3km charity run, we aimed to educate and inform our students, staff, and families about mental health. Awareness is the first step towards understanding and addressing these issues effectively. Stigma surrounding mental health can prevent individuals from seeking help they need. Through our events, we sought to create a supportive and open environment where everyone feels comfortable discussing their mental health concerns.

The funds raised during the week will be donated to the Mental Health Foundation, an organisation dedicated to supporting individuals and families affected by mental health issues. These funds will help provide resources, support services, and as well as research into mental health conditions, making a substantial difference in the lives of many.

We started off the week by hosting at Tiki themed bar at our St Michael's campus based in the city centre, serving students a selection of cold soft beverages. Many of our students and staff choosing to wear green in support of the “Wear it Green Day!” in a nationwide effort to raise awareness of the importance of mental health. It was a lively atmosphere with lots of students choosing to enjoy a refreshing cold drink during their break from classes.

The following day we hosted a very similar tiki bar set up again serving our academic students at St Joseph's campus some refreshing summery drinks in the canteen. Again, many of our staff chose to wear green as an acknowledgment to our efforts!

Later that day we hosted a 3km fun run around the beautiful Christ Church Meadow. After a fun warm up led by Rama, our Activity Leader, the group of 15 students and 4 members of staff who chose to run set off! Our fastest runner completed the course in a swift sub 12 minutes. A huge thank you to everyone who ran, to those that volunteered as marshals and also to those who came to support and spectate; you made it a fantastic event that was truly enjoyed by all, all for such a great cause!

Our total amount raised from the various fundraising effort comes to an incredible £616.85! Huge thanks to everyone who kindly donated, and to all the staff and students who participated or helped in the 3km fun run, it really was a fantastic event and the money raised will be going towards a great cause.

If you wish to donate to this fantastic cause, please use the link to our GoFundMe page.

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