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Meeting new people, growing up and improving my English

14 Jul, 2017
Meeting new people, growing up and improving my English

Jesus Briceno Gomez from Venezuela has just spent 8 months at Kings London on the Intensive English Course. On his last day of school we spoke to him about his Kings experience.

What have you enjoyed most about your time at Kings?
I've met a lot of people with different nationalities. It's good because we can speak about our cultures — it's so funny. Also, I like that the teachers cover a lot of topics and not just grammar.

Just being in the UK has been really interesting for me; it's a different culture compared to Venezuela and it has been an experience that I'll never forget.

Did you settle in well at Kings and have you made plenty of friends?
Absolutely. I have made a lot of friends from Asia and from countries like Switzerland, Germany, and Italy.

How has your English improved since you arrived?
I think it has improved a lot. I’m in the upper intermediate class; when I started I was in the Level 3 class.

When I arrived here I didn't really understand and my answer for all the questions I was asked was just "Yes". Now I can actually answer them!

Has staying at the Kings Apartments student residence been a good fit for you?
I live with another two guys from other countries, China and Korea, which lets me practise my English. I think it's great; I have some privacy and it is very comfortable.

It was something new for me to live alone without a host family or something like that. I've even learned to cook which I couldn't do before. You grow up a lot and it's an important step in your life. It's very rewarding.

What are your plans now that you are leaving Kings?
Actually I'm going to stay in the UK for one more month to do some travelling. Then I'm going to Spain to do a course. And then I'm going back to my country because I want to create my own business there; I think English is so important to me because I don't want my business to be limited, I want to be able to work in other places. I also hope to return to the UK at some point in the future to do an MBA.

You mentioned having travel plans. Where have you visited so far, and where in the UK do you want to travel to next?
The best places I've visited are Central London and Stonehenge. I really liked Stonehenge. It's very famous and it has so much interesting history. I went to Spain and also to Barcelona as well.

I’m planning to visit Manchester and then Liverpool. I also want to go to Bournemouth and Brighton with my friends. It'll be nice to see a range of places around the UK and I've also heard that Bournemouth is a bit cheaper than London!

Is there anything that you particularly enjoyed during your time at Kings?
It's like I told you before, meeting so many new people has been the best thing. I didn't expect to meet many people that were like me.

When I first came here I was a bit crazy and I definitely held a lot of parties. And it's funny because at first I was almost the 'bad boy' here at Kings, but then after a few months I changed, I grew up, and I started focusing on my English.

I've really liked my teachers and Danny [Carroll] has been great. The whole experience has been fantastic.

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