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'May I postpone my vacation?' | Students' first impressions of learning online

23 Apr, 2020
'May I postpone my vacation?' | Students' first impressions of learning online

We are in different parts of the world but our community continues to thrive. Classes are still running and students gaining qualifications.

We asked our academic students about their thoughts of moving to learning online.

While it is a very different experience for all our students, they are adapting quickly and are finding that learning online can be just as enjoyable and productive as learning in a traditional classroom.

Here is what a few of our students have to say.

from the UK
Course: A-levels

"I feel as though we are very lucky to have such great teachers that are supporting us in time like this. Always available if there are any questions or just if we need to check that our assignments really did send through to the teacher."

from Vietnam
Course: A-levels

“I find the online classes are pretty easy to access because before coming back, the teachers and the principal had a meeting with us to give a brief about using online platforms. When I study online, I can easily understand the teachers and the content of each lesson. […] I can still ask my teachers by emailing them and sometimes, I text or talk with my classmates, either in class or on a personal level.

“I think studying online at this time is reasonable and it is going quite well. […] I believe that Kings supports us a lot. Even at this time, I received an email from a teacher about mental health and she said if there are any problems, I can talk to her via mails or 1-1 meetings, so I really appreciated that. Thank you so much!”

Xingyan Cai
from China
Course: IELTS Preparation

“May I postpone my vacation? I do not want to stop my online classes!"

"Now the teachers are very senior, I don't want to miss their class.

The IELTS teacher is very excellent, and she is also the IELTS marking teacher.
In this afternoon class, the teacher's lecture caught our interest and made everyone enjoy it.”

Joshua Heinrech David
from Germany
Course: A-levels

“It is definitely a strange situation but at Kings Bournemouth everyone is doing fine after the first week: everyone understands how to use the programs given.

Communication with teachers has changed as well but nothing has really changed in a negative way […] What I have to mention is the great communication with my course director who is still working. Also, the extra support lessons are running as usual: that is great too!”

Quang Nguyen Trinh
from Vietnam
Course: A-levels

“Studying at home through Microsoft Teams is a new thing for me and I am pretty sure it is new for everyone. For me, the live sessions that Kings teachers provide are good and they are nearly like face-to-face lessons that I used to have as I can speak to my teachers and ask questions as usual.

I just want to say thank you for all of the staff at Kings who always try their best to deliver an excellent learning environment to their students, even in hard times like now.”

Maria Hu
from China
Course: A-levels

“Even though we aren’t able to sit together to have classes, the online classes are going well so far […] students and teachers […] get used to the online classes quickly. “

“Teachers in Kings make me feel like I am still in the same environment in the school while having online classes, especially my Economics class. We watched a video then discussed together. Students were all very active to join the discussion some even turn on the camera! And I think the atmosphere is still good.

“We can also find the learning material we need and tasks in the ‘files’ which sent by the teachers. If we have any questions during studying, we call teachers or just message them through ‘teams’, it’s convenient for me.”