Martin's Story

Meet Martin, our Maths and PE teacher at Kings Bournemouth! Martin shares his experience of teaching with us - including how he met his wife at Kings.

"The best thing about Bournemouth is obvious for me - the beach. Why? Because of the sea, the sand and the fresh air. It’s somewhere you can go and clear your thoughts. You can exercise there, you can swim, you can pretty much do all the things I love doing on the beach – run, cycle, swim, exercise. It’s a nice place to walk and enjoy the scenery.

Kings Bournemouth is unique because of the diversity of all the students, and the different nationalities, but it’s not only the students, it’s the staff as well. There are people from all over the globe, which blended together somehow works incredibly well. I met my wife here at Kings! She was the librarian and we’ve been married, well together just under 6 years, and we have a son called Luke, whose 3 and a half. That’s one of my best memories for sure."

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