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Many reasons for improving my English skills in Oxford

06 Feb, 2019
Many reasons for improving my English skills in Oxford

Yasir AlHarbi, from Saudi Arabia, has been studying the Intensive Course at Kings Oxford for 24 weeks. He explains his reasons for learning English, and what he thinks about the lessons, accommodation and people at Kings.

Hi Yasir, where are you from?
I'm from Saudi Arabia — Riyadh, the capital city.

What course are you taking at Kings?
I'm taking the general English at Kings, and my afternoon class is IELTS. I started from Level 3a and now I am in Level 5.

Why are you improving your English?
Actually for many reasons. The first reason is academic, because I want to study a master's degree here after the English course, and personal of course because English is really important nowadays. And professional for my work, to improve my English in meetings and when I meet people.

What made you decide to come to Kings and choose this course?
Actually, Kings school has a good reputation, especially in my city. I came here because my friend studied here 3 years ago and he recommend it to me to study here. And now really I am happy where I am studying because I improve my skills and also I recommend to anyone else.

How is your course going?

"I have improved all skills, speaking, writing, reading, and grammar!"

At Kings schools you can choose the skills that you think you need to improve more, through the afternoon classes you can choose what you need more, such as Speaking or IELTS or sometimes maybe Writing.

Where are you staying?
I am in the Wavy Gate residence. It's really nice because the rooms are really good size and the staff of the accommodation are really helpful for us. When I need anything, or something is broken, they help really fast and I am really happy with them.

Have you made many friends?
Yes of course, many friends. Here in Kings we have many activities after school, we can make relationships with foreign students and talk about everything and really make a good relationship, sometimes like brothers, or like family. I made friends from many countries — of course many from my own country because it is similar, but also from Italy, from Turkey, and many others.

What do you think about the school's location?
It's really nice. I choose Oxford because it's really good for education, specifically that. It's a quiet city and a nice school with a good reputation. I can feel comfortable in this city.

What advice would you have for students thinking of studying at Kings?
I think if anyone wants to come to Kings school I think it is a good choice for many reasons. The quality and reputation of Oxford for education is really nice.

At Kings you can improve your English because you can speak with foreign people easily and you can find students from many countries. As well, I think the afternoon class has many choices, such as Art or IELTS or Speaking, you can choose what you want to improve more.

Also, l think the teachers and staff of Kings school are really helpful and interested in the students and what they want or need, and every time they ask the students if they need any help or have any problems, it is really helpful for the students.

I recommend specifically for Middle-Eastern students if anyone is thinking of studying abroad — it's a good choice to study here because everything here is really nice!