Making the grade at US universities

Martha Turner, Progression Manager for Kings in California, explains how Kings staff support academic students as they aim to transfer to their dream universities in the USA.

As admission to universities becomes more competitive each year, transfer students often ask advisors for the key to academic success.

GPA along with standardized exam results are top university admission indicators for transfer students. Kings advisors follow similar strategies as Jacobs and Hyman's 2009 article, 15 secrets of Getting Good Grades in College to guide students toward achieving competitive grades.

During advising sessions, Kings advisors encourage students to become proactive in developing academic and social strategies that will help them achieve their academic goals. Students are guided in selecting major preparation classes that specifically meet university major requirements. In addition, students with the help of their advisor develop an education plan that outlines major requirements, course selection, and course load.

Workshops are another effective avenue through which Kings advisors provide valuable information and address questions. Students attend workshops that explore important academic areas such as study skills, creating a student profile, stress reduction, healthy habits, time management, university requirements, differences in higher education systems, credit completion, and the importance of campus activities.

"Most importantly, students during Kings advising sessions know they are number one."

Students recognize that the power to succeed lies within themselves and Kings advisors are there to help provide the tools and resources to achieve their academic goals.