Making memories at Kings Los Angeles

This month we have asked some students to share some of their favorite memories that they have made while being at Kings LA!

First up we have Shintaro Ban who enrolled in our Vacation Course for 4 weeks. Shintaro shared with us how he felt about his experience at Kings.

“Some of my favorite memories at Kings are days I spent with school friends. I cannot choose one moment because every memory was great, and exciting! I wanted to study in LA because I have had a longing for Hollywood. I loved to watch Hollywood movies when I was an elementary school student. So, Kings gave me everything I wanted. Kings has even helped me with some goals. One of my educational goals is to speak English perfectly so I can make friends all over the world. Another goal is to inspire someone!”

Next, we have Ruka Kobayashi who is currently completing 12-week Vacation Course. Ruka shared her favorite memory she has had at Kings so far.

“I went to Malibu Beach with my friend. We swam, hiked, and looked out over the ocean! It was the most beautiful view I have ever seen. We ate dinner at a nice restaurant and had a very nice day!”

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