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Making life-long friends at Kings Bournemouth

14 Jun, 2022
Making life-long friends at Kings Bournemouth

Meet Eva, one of our GCSE students at Kings Bournemouth who joined us from Ukraine. We recently met up with her to find out more about her experience studying with us!

Hi Eva, why did you choose to study at Kings?

Switching to Kings was my mother’s initiative. She wanted me to have a good level of education and internationally recognizable qualifications, which were offered here at Kings. Originally I was afraid of studying abroad alone, yet coming here was one of the best choices I could have made. I’ve met countless new friends and made life-long friendships. Along with the social benefits, I dramatically improved my level of English and developed the confidence to speak out and voice my opinions.

What is your favourite thing about studying at Kings Bournemouth?

Kings Bournemouth is a private college with small classes and a friendly community. You could say that we all know each other here. Due to such small groups, every student, regardless of their grade, age, or level of English language, gets the same amount of teacher’s attention. In addition, the course is specifically sculpted into what would be beneficial to you as an individual. Students that work quicker, get extended tasks to challenge them, whereas students who are struggling may get extra help from the course directors or their subject teachers. There is a place for everyone.

What subjects are you taking? Which one is your favourite?

I study a GCSE Accelerated course: Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, FLE (First Language English), History, and Art & Design. I enjoy all subjects, as I am still unsure about the career path I wish to pursue in the future.

How does Kings Bournemouth help support you in your studies?

As I mentioned previously, the course is specifically designed for you, meaning everybody will find something suitable for them. The course directors and well-being coordinators do everything needed for students to feel happy, safe, and satisfied on campus, in residential areas, and the town in general.

What’s one thing you’d say to someone who is thinking of studying at Kings Bournemouth?

My main argument against going to Kings was being terrified of not getting along with people and not finding any friends. But on the very first day, I was welcomed with bright smiles from students and staff members. Here at Kings we have students from all over the world, which I think is a perfect environment to get to know and embrace other cultures, and practice tolerance and acceptance - after all, we are all different, yet all human.

What’s your favourite place in Bournemouth and why?

My favourite place is the town centre. In addition to countless shops, cafes and restaurants, there are parks, hills, and neighbourhoods to explore. A few minutes off centre is a beach - perfect for surfing, swimming, or having bonfire nights.

What’s a typical day in the life of a Kings Student?

The day begins in a usual mundane routine - wake up, get ready, check your timetable, and have breakfast prepared by the house parents each morning. Living in the Charminster Residence, I have to take a 20-minute walk to school daily with my friends. Starting at 8:50, everybody attends their classes. Break and lunchtime is a perfect opportunity for students to catch up together, eat, study, or play basketball/table tennis outside.

After the classes are over, we either go back to our residential homes or the gym, town, or grocery store with a group of friends. The evenings in the residence range depending on the day - study zones, quizzes, cooking activities and movie nights happen weekly.

What’s one word you’d use to describe studying at Kings Bournemouth?


What are your teachers and lessons like?

Every teacher at Kings has their own approach to teaching, which can indubitably be altered to meet each student’s needs. The lessons are interactive - working in groups, watching videos, creating posters, reading books, and having debates. The classes are fairly small in comparison to other colleges and schools, yet that gives everybody enough attention and nobody feels left out.

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