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Exceptional progress and a place on a sought after Law degree

20 May, 2019
Exceptional progress and a place on a sought after Law degree

Peiyi Zhou (Polly) completed A-levels at Kings Oxford before winning a place to study Law at the University of Manchester. She, like so many of our students, made outstanding progress during her time with us, exceeding her initial grade predictions hugely and achieving three A grades.

Here, she tells us about university life and how Kings best prepared her for the experience.

Hi Peiyi. How was your first term at Manchester, and is university life how you expected?

The first term at University of Manchester went well. Uni life is not as stressful as I imagined. It provides great support on your future career path, and academic life. Students can easily get support on their coursework, so no pressure on that at all. In terms of course arrangement, it is not as full as I imaged. I have got plenty of time to get prepared for the seminars and explore new interests.

Are you pleased with your choice of university and of degree course?

I am glad that I chose this university, I love the uni as well as the city. Students here are all hard-working and it is great to have all these like-minded people around. I am always passionate about law even since I was in high school so I could not have been more happy when I got accepted in a law school.

How do you think your time at Kings best prepared you for university?

I feel really grateful that Kings gave me a lot of support on my IELTS during my AS and helped me get the score I needed for uni, which really eased the pressure at A2 stage. In addition, the problem-solving skills which I learned from my law teacher, Tina, really get me prepared for most of my uni coursework.

Were you happy with your A-level results, and did they exceed what you thought you would achieve when you first came to the UK?

I am happy with my results — so are my parents. They are exactly what I expected to get when I first came to Kings and they are way higher than the conditions the uni set for me on the offer.

What aspects of Kings and the classes most helped you to make good academic progress, would you say?

Teachers at Kings were really helpful while I was preparing for my exam. No matter how many essays I wrote they would carefully mark them all then give me constructive advice on how can I do better next time, I really appreciate that and I think it really was the major reason that I made consistent progress throughout my study at Kings.

Do you have any messages for your former teachers and classmates at Kings?

I really want to say thank you to my course director Paul for quickly responding to my emails while I was struggling on which uni to go for. Tina, my law teacher, thank you for the attention and support that you gave me over the past 2 years.

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