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Majoring in Film at Marymount California University

21 Nov, 2018
Majoring in Film at Marymount California University

Jae Young Choi (Jacob) from South Korea is now in his second year at Marymount California University, where he began with one term of Undergraduate Preparation Program at Kings Los Angeles (Marymount). We caught up with him to find out about his time at MCU.

Hi Jacob. What are you currently studying?
Film major.

What made you want to study abroad to pursue your degree?
More opportunities and better education and I thought it would be better to learn from various perspective. There is more diversity of students and cultures which would help to build up my personality in the US.

What are your plans or goals at the moment?
First, transfer to a new university and do well there. I would like to do OPT there.

Why did you choose to study at Kings Marymount?
First when I went to my agency they recommended different colleges, and I wanted a person to person education and did not want a big school. I felt I needed close attention from my instructors. I wasn’t a very good student before I got to the US, and I needed more confidence and attention. I wanted a school that would give me a lot of attention and support.

What are your favorite classes, why do you like them?
Here I really enjoy the Theater class. My professor was amazing, he was different, because he wanted every student to participate in the class and he didn’t want anyone to fall behind in the class. I didn’t have a lot of friends in the class, but he helped me to feel comfortable. That is where I really got interested in theater. When I was in the class I developed a lot of confidence in the class because I had to perform in English.

What class do you find more challenging, and why?
Personally, classes like Mathematics, Statistics, Sciences use many terms that I had trouble following, because the words were difficult to understand.

Which student activity did you enjoy the most?
All of my student activities took place with Kings — for me we always talk about we miss our time with Kings. We had a lot of student activities and had a chance to get close to each other. Being with Kings I was able to make friends and fit in to the community. 

What do you usually do for fun during your free time?
I like to go out and experience Los Angeles, surf at the beach, and I like going out taking photos. Los Angeles is a very exotic place for me and there are a lot of gorgeous places I can take pictures.

What is your favorite part of living in LA/ Palos Verdes?
The weather is the best. In Palos Verdes I drive along the coast and enjoy the wind and sea air.

Is there anything you wish you'd prepared before starting school?
I would like to have increased my academic vocabulary to be able to understand more difficult terms in Science and Math, and I would have like to have made more friends.


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