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Majoring in Education in Boston

31 May, 2019
Majoring in Education in Boston

Dai Zhang (Matt), from China, is a first semester freshman student at Pine Manor College (PMC), majoring in Education. He previously took the High School Completion Program at Kings Boston. Dai is already making the most of his experience by participating in extracurricular activities at PMC, in addition to securing a summer teaching assistantship at his high school in China.

Hi Dai, what are you studying?

I'm studying Child Development Education.

What made you want to study in the US?

My parents wanted me to study abroad. I also have a lot of friends studying abroad and I wanted to discover some unknown places.

What are your plans after graduation?

I would like to find a job in the United States. If I can't find a job here, I will go back to China and I'll open my own business, a language institute.

Why did you choose to study at Kings?

My mother knows someone whose son studied at Kings and she said the school was awesome. My mother trusts her and she was right.

What is your favorite class and why do you like it?

My favorite class was the First Year Seminar with Brendon (Assistant Professor of Foundational Learning and ELL at PMC). I liked his class because there were domestic students and international students in the class, and I was able to experience American culture.

Have you decided on your target schools? How did Kings staff guide you through the process?

My target schools are Boston University, Boston College, and Bentley University, but Boston University is my first choice. My advisor gave a lot of suggestions about what classes to choose from and she also helped me when I decided to change majors. My advisor is kind and she gave me a helping hand when I needed.

Have there been any difficulties with classes or life in general?

No, I'm pretty cool. I’m a little bit homesick but I'm going home on summer break and I'm super excited!

Which student activity have you enjoyed the most?

There is a barbecue at the cafeteria and everyone is invited to go. It is free and we can all enjoy the beautiful weather.

We had a volunteer trip to Cradles to Crayons to help underprivileged children. We helped separate donations to the charity and we checked the quality of the donations. We will also go to Cape Cod in a few weeks with Cyrus (PMC's International Student Success Coach) and some of my classmates.

What is your favorite part of living in Boston?

The people here are very kind. No matter where you are from, everyone is kind and help you when you need. There are also a lot of pretty girls in Boston and at Pine Manor!

Is there anything you wish you had prepared before starting school?

I wish I had done some research before starting classes and I wish I knew what courses the college offered. I was planning on applying to another university on my own, but I'm glad I decided to stay and study at Pine Manor. This school is awesome!