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Continuing my Kings English course online

09 Jul, 2020
Continuing my Kings English course online

Majed, from Saudi Arabia, has been studying with Kings for 7 months in total. He studied for 4 months in person at Kings Bournemouth, and then when the COVID-19 crisis hit and the schools closed, he switched to online learning. He has continued living in Bournemouth with his host family, and will resume in-person lessons when the school reopens in August.

We asked him some questions about his experience or learning online, and his time studying at Kings Bournemouth before the lockdown.

What is your name, age and where are you from?

My name is Majed Aqeel. I’m almost 25 years old, and I’m from Saudi Arabia. I live in the capital, Riyadh.

Which SmartClass have you been taking with Kings?

General English [Essential English] and IELTS. General English in the mornings and IELTS in the afternoon.

How have your lessons been so far?

It has been going well, but it has been quite different. There are around 6 students in my online classes.

What have you enjoyed?

There are a few things. It’s been good that you meet a lot of students around different Kings schools, for example London or Brighton. I met a lot of new friends.

That’s good. So you might be able to go and meet up with friends in other cities when you can travel again?

Yeah, absolutely.

What have you found challenging about studying online?

Actually, what’s been challenging is when you are studying online with people you don’t feel the same connection as you would with other people in the same class. My teachers have changed a few times which can be hard. When you just have one teacher, they will know your strengths and weaknesses so you can develop these.

Overall, were you happy that you were able to continue your studies online?

Yes, the most important thing is that we can continue our studies. I know a lot of other language schools are closed completely.

Did you consider going back to Saudi Arabia when the pandemic hit, or did you always plan to stay in Bournemouth?

Actually no, because I just wanted to complete my education in a strict timeframe.

What are your reasons for wanting to improve your English?

For myself first! And then for university. I will complete my education and Master’s degree in Business Administration in the UK, maybe starting in September, but probably next year. I am hopeful that I will be able to start my own business when I finish my education.

How was your time studying at Kings Bournemouth? What did you think of the school, teachers, facilities?

They are are a very very professional team. From the Administration or to the teaching team, or other things such as finance, they are very professional people and it has been a pleasure to meet so many helpful people. I have been in Bournemouth for 7 months in total. I was studying at the school in person for 4 months, and then online for 3 months.

When you were studying at the school, which SIGs did you take?

I started doing general English and Reading and Speaking Special Interest Groups when I started in Level 3. When I reached Kings Level 4, I got the opportunity to be able to take exam preparation lessons. I am in Level 5 now.

Are you feeling more confident about the IELTS exam now?

Of course! Actually, I felt confident before but I knew if I took the exam then, I wouldn’t get the best score I could.

Did you take part in activities and other extra-curricular options when you were studying at the school?

Yes things like playing football, organising extra specialist afternoon classes after the normal lessons finished so focus on vocabulary. I liked them, they were very flexible.

Did you get to visit many other parts of the UK?

Yes, like London, Manchester, Liverpool.

Where have you been living in Bournemouth?

I’ve been living in a homestay. It’s been very good, I like them.

How did you hear about Kings?

I heard about Kings via an agent. I had a lot of choices for schools, but down to the facilities, the activities, and the reviews from other people, Kings was the most popular.

Why did you choose Bournemouth in particular over the other UK schools?

It’s an international town — I met a lot of international people and it’s quite helpful to learn from each other.

Thanks, Majed. Is there anything else you’d like to say?

Thank you Kings Bournemouth!