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Luis from Colombia: Why I liked my international experience at Kings Boston

23 Jan, 2020
Luis from Colombia: Why I liked my international experience at Kings Boston

Luis Miguel Ibañez Wehedeking, from Colombia, studied the Intensive Course at Kings Boston for 6 months. He is pictured above with two of his English teachers, Douglas (left) and Patrick (right). Here, he tells us what he enjoyed about his experience in Boston.

“The international experience I lived at Kings Education Boston overcame my expectations. Kings Boston helped me in my goal of becoming bilingual and having a great time far from home.

First, Kings staff is formed by American teachers who have years of experience in teaching the language, they also plan the class and dynamics in order to ensure everyone’s learning.

Additionally, the administrative and academic personnel are there to help all the students in things such as getting certificates of any sort, solving doubts about the school, the dorms and extracurricular activities.

Second, the school is located inside Pine Manor College, and it has some dormitories for its students. Spending time with your classmates beyond class hours is a great way to know and get along with them.

Third, Boston is a city full of history, beautiful architecture, and there are also multicultural food options. Due to the location of the school, moving around the city is easy for all Kings students and they can take advantage of the city’s features mentioned before.

All those facts make Kings Boston the perfect option for every international student who wants to improve his/her English skills, learn about different cultures around the world and enjoy living abroad in an English environment such as the city of Boston.”