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Love is in the air — Valentine's Day at Kings New York

19 Feb, 2020
Love is in the air — Valentine's Day at Kings New York

Love was in the air at Kings New York last week as students and staff participated in special Valentine’s Day themed lessons and activities.

Academic Affairs Manager and Business English teacher, Stella Guarnieri, assigned her students the task of giving each classmate a free Valentine’s Day gift. The class rose to the challenge. They got creative and had to think outside the box to come up with thoughtful and meaningful gifts that didn’t cost anything to prepare. Students shared empowering songs and touching love poems from their own native languages. One student drew a mini portrait of each member of the class.

Ayano Tachikawa, a student from Japan who has been at Kings New York for 6 months, found an especially thoughtful and exceptional way to share her talent. She composed a short piece of music for each classmate, specific to their personalities. Everyone was thrilled to hear their unique composition, and all agreed that Ayano did a great job matching them to their music.

Thank you to all our talented students for embracing the spirit of Valentine’s Day and sharing the love with their Kings family!

Listen to the pieces of music that Ayano composed at the links below: