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Long-lasting memories of Kings Bournemouth

12 Jan, 2021
Long-lasting memories of Kings Bournemouth

Vahid Ziba, from Iran, came to Kings Bournemouth for 9 months in 1975, and again in 1981 for another 6 months. He passed his Proficiency exams at Kings, having made substantial progress with his English during his time with us.

He recently got in touch to share some photos and newspaper cuttings relating to his time in Bournemouth, and to tell us what fond memories he has of his experience.

At the time, Kings had a had a particularly good football team and won lots of trophies against other schools in the area! Below is an excerpt from a Bournemouth newspaper covering the final of Kings against Wessex English school where they won the league again.

Speaking about his experience, and his fellow students, he commented:

‘I always cherish those times — all of you were so full of love and happiness am sure still are, though the world is getting more complex.”

Vahid with his teacher, Sue, and other students, in 1981.

Whilst much in the world has changed, it demonstrates that the fantastic experiences and friendships formed in international settings such as ours remain just as precious and enriching now as they were then.