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Life with a host family

07 Dec, 2020
Life with a host family

Alexandra-Daniela Mihu (Alex) shares her thoughts on what it's like to live with a local host family during your studies.

Everyone is nervous the first time they leave home for such a long time and that is quite normal. The excitement, hope and fear form together those little butterflies in our stomach whenever we think about something we really want, but we are certain that it will change some things in what our daily life looks like. I have to admit, it is not the first time I have got to stay with a host family, as I have done Erasmus+ Projects before and other programs that required staying in a host family, but it is for sure the longest I would be away from home.

A home away from home

I was quite nervous as we left the airport because I did not know what to expect. In the past, I have had amazing experiences, but also some of them were not really that enjoyable. I am so happy that with Kings they exceeded my expectations and that I have been put with such an amazing family, I am really calling them family at this point.

"The family I am living with is just amazing. The parents are the same age as mine and we get along very well. I am so glad they have children and that they are nearly my age so we play together or watch movies together. I really feel like part of the family. "

Whenever I have a problem or I need help they are there, it does not matter if I need help cooking or carrying boxes that came from home at 3 am, they have always been there to help, even in the days in which the stress is too much and I would start crying. I am so grateful to have them and I do not think there can be a better family for me. I was so excited to find out they are very big Harry Potter fans as I am completely in love with the series and they even threw me a Harry Potter themed 18th Birthday Party last month which was a complete surprise and I loved it!

The daily routine

Usually on a day you cannot get bored here. The mornings begin with having a cup of tea together and some cereal while talking about what we want to do that day and the day finishes with us having dinner together and watching a movie or a TV show together. We were such big critics of the participants on Little Mix: The Search, we could have been judges by the end of it! Moreover, I find it so amazing that everyone is so supportive of each other. Whenever someone is really proud of something they did that day, everyone congratulates and claps and it just feels like a family for sure.

Creating traditions

We have even gone as far as creating our own traditions. We have the Ben and Jerry’s Parties every Sunday, Pizza Wednesday and Happy Monday and Friday when I get to buy everyone dessert and just chat while chasing each other to steal the sweets that they got and I really like that. I really get along with the children so well that we play Among Us all day everyday. We find such a pleasure in getting each other out of the game that I have not really seen before.

As they were so interested in the Romanian culture, they now are learning Romanian and they are getting quite good at it, probably by the time I leave they will be fluent speakers, maybe better than some Romanians! I also taught them about different traditions such as Santa Nicholas who brings gifts to children if they were kind and good. I would laugh with my host mom at them as they cleaned their shoes and cleaned the house so Santa Nicholas will come and get their letters. They are also getting quite good at our traditional songs and dances, I am very proud of them as it took me years!

"I even got to meet the grandparents of the children and what can I say, I do not think I am ever moving out of here! We are now very excited about spending Christmas and New Year’s together and seeing what Santa brings us!"

Lots of space in a lovely house

I really love the house as well. We have a very big garden where I spend most of my time reading or just listening to music. Also I am usually accompanied by Hobbie, their 2-year old Golden Retriever that loves jumping on me and playing with me all day long.

"My room is amazing as well, I have a lot of space and my own bathroom and I like the fact that I have space where to put all my things. Our house is located 15 minutes away from the school and I always walk there as I enjoy going through the park and seeing the squirrels"

I really love admiring the houses and the trees in our town as they all build the magic of Beckenham. Adding to this is also the fact that we are pretty close to everything. The stores, the parks, the bus stops and also the train stations and even the hospital if it is ever needed and of course the High Street. I am in love with the food here, I am never eating out! We cook together and we go shopping together.

"I am really glad that I have such a great host family and I cannot wait for what is yet to come on this amazing journey that we started together in September. I love them very much and I really do call them family at this point! There will be 2 amazing years together and that is for sure."