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Learning through lockdown: my experience at Kings

14 Jan, 2021
Learning through lockdown: my experience at Kings

Mibuki, from Japan, has been learning English at Kings London for the last 9 months. We recently spoke to her about her experience at the school throughout this turbulent year, and about her plans for the future.

Hi Mibuki.What’s the teaching like at Kings?

"Every teacher is very kind and easy to follow. My English skills have been developed so well."

What’s the community like?

I’ve got tons of friends in school and they are from a lot of other countries. I’ve got along with them really quickly.

My hosts (host family) are really nice and actually their meals are really nice! It’s said that British meals are not nice, but they’re really tasty!

What’s your plan after you finish your English programme?

I came here to get a good IELTS score because I wanted to get a good, well paid job in Japan, but actually because I’ve been here for 9 months I’ve kind of changed my mind and I’m interested in working in the UK.

What support have you had at Kings?

There is Margarita, who is Welfare Officer, and if you have mental or physical problems you can go to see her and she gives us help.

How is Kings keeping students safe during the Covid pandemic?

They are following the government rules, so we are sitting one metre apart.

"I was here during the main lockdown and I was taking the online class. It started at 9 o clock, the same time as in-person classes and we took 2 classes in the morning and after school we did self study, so we had a lot of time. That’s why my English skills have developed a lot. "

After lockdown we came back finally and we’ve been studying in person for 2 months I think.

Katie, in reception, takes our temperature when we get to school every morning, and we use sanitiser all the time.

How would you describe Kings to any friends considering coming here?

I was a bit nervous coming here, but it turns out staying here is really nice and really fun.

"I have made a lot of friends and they are such great people. It’s been really fun, I enjoy it. I had lockdown twice but I don’t regret coming here."

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