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Learning how chocolate is made at Taza Chocolate Factory

20 Jan, 2024
Learning how chocolate is made at Taza Chocolate Factory

Matthew Ford, Student Experience Coordinator at Kings Boston reports back on all things chocolate from a recent trip to a local chocolate factory.

"The Business English class took a field trip to Taza Chocolate Factory, a local chocolate manufacturer and chocolate shop where bountiful, chocolatey morsels are created. Guests can receive a tour of the factory, and Kings Boston's students did just that.

On the tour, students such as Daniella Ferrari and Laura Avila (pictured) learned about how cacao pods grow, how farmers harvest the ingredients for Taza's chocolate, and the equipment necessary to harvest said ingredients.

They got to see some of the equipment, too, like the roasting machine and the winnowing machine. The beans get lightly roasted on the former machine, and the shells get separated on the latter. They also learned about the mixing and grinding processes that eventually result in the chocolate being stored in tanks.

At the end of the tour, the school took some chocolate for the road, it was delicious."

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