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Learning for a bright future in a 'special' city

30 Mar, 2021
Learning for a bright future in a 'special' city

Richard from Panama is spending 8 months with us in Boston. Here, he shares his experience of learning with us, and tells us what it's like to live in a city with a very different type of climate to his home country.

Hi Richard. Where are you from and what course are you taking at Kings?

My name is Richard Bonagas, and I am from Panamá, specifically from a province named Chiriquí.

I’m taking an English course and I will be studying for 8 months.

How is the course going so far? What do you enjoy? What do you find challenging?

So far the courses have been great; I’m very pleased with the teachers and Kings administrators.

At Kings I am enjoying the way some teachers teach their classes; they don’t make them boring and always come with new things to hold our attention. The most challenging thing so far is the weather–in Panamá we are not used to low temperatures like in Boston.

What are the reasons that made you want to improve your English?

I have two reasons to improve my English: the first one is a personal reason. I really enjoy consuming media in English – and I even eavesdrop on conversations to try to improve!

The second reason is for my profession.

"Being bilingual will help me get a good job or, at least, make it easier to find one."

Why do you think learning English is important in today’s world?

Learning english is very important because it is one of the most widely spoken languages around the world, and it is the official language of international business.

"I think that, nowadays, it’s not enough to just know one language; you need to be able to speak more than one language to fully appreciate the world."

What do you think of Boston as a city? Where have you visited so far?

"Boston is a very special city, which combines old fashioned architecture with modern architecture."

You can find any architectural style in Suffolk County. Also, the people are very nice. Some places that I've visited are: Salem, the Encore Casino, the North End, Quincy Market (pictured below), Harvard University, MIT, and much more!

How am I coping with the Winter weather in Boston?

Coping with the winter weather of Boston is arduous. The temperatures are very low. One day it’s warm & the next is freezing! We have to wear winter jackets every day and wear boots that have good traction so that we avoid slipping on the ice and harming ourselves.

On the bright side,

"we appreciate the snow and the beautiful landscapes covered in their frozen blanket. It’s an amazing view that I will never forget!"

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