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Learning English to enhance my Legal career

26 Jan, 2022
Learning English to enhance my Legal career

We recently sat down with Ibrahim Al-Humaidi, from Saudi Arabia to find out why he chose to learn English at Kings London to help further his career as a Legal Researcher.

Hi Ibrahim, how long have you been at Kings?

I’ve been at Kings for about 4 months.

What do you enjoy most about the lessons, and how many people are in your class?

What I enjoy most about my lessons my morning classes, we work on our grammar and I do activities with my fellow classmates. There are only 7 students in my class!

Why did you decide to take this course? Do you have specific plans which require English skills?

I work as a Legal Researcher and my company in Saudi Arabia requires that I needed to work on my spoken and written English skills. So, I decided to learn English in the UK especially London.

Do you like the location of the school? How would you describe the area?

The school’s location is perfect for commuting to Kings. The environment is very clean and safe.

How have you found the experience of traveling abroad during the Covid pandemic and do you have any advice for other students considering coming?

My advice to future students considering coming to Kings is don’t over think. During the current situation that is the pandemic, you can feel uneasy or not sure in whether or not you want to come and study. But the country is taking very cautious measure to ensure everyone’s safety and on top of that the school does weekly lateral flow testing to minimise the any chances of you falling sick.