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Learning English remotely with Kings from Russia

03 May, 2021
Learning English remotely with Kings from Russia

Polina Iarkova has been studying English online with Kings since October 2020. She first took our Essential IELTS course, before switching to the Essential English course in March after successfully passing her IELTS exam. Here, she tells us about her experience in her own words.

“Let me introduce myself, I am Polina and I am 18 years old. In my spare time, I am keen on painting, as it reduces stress and allows me to pay attention to every detail in my educational process.

As I have been planning to enter the University of Amsterdam, I had to take an IELTS exam. I have been studying English for more than 10 years, however, I have never spoken with native speaker before. So, I was recommended to study an IELTS course at Kings, because I am convinced that the majority of people living in Britain have a real British accent, which I really wanted to have.

Although I did not manage to come to the UK, I decided to study online. Basically, it was the greatest decision I took last year, since I preferred spending free time with my family. What is more, I was worried about teachers’ attitudes toward me, because I had had a negative experience taking English courses in Moscow.

Nevertheless, the 2.5-month IELTS course was excellent, and I was pretty surprised about the approach of education at Kings. As a matter of fact, the teachers not only appreciate various opinions, which are always discussed, but also get in touch with a student and they are welcoming to help everyone. Additionally, all teachers are great, especially Jeremy Doyle, who did his best to help me with exam preparation.

Having passed the exam, I started searching for a new English course at Kings focusing on general English practice. So, I was looking to broaden vocabulary and improve my spoken English, as I used to repeat sentences twice and I did not have enough confidence during communication with native speakers. To my surprise, Jeremy has started teaching me again. Also, there is another wonderful teacher whose name is Jane Welberry- Smith. I was taught how to pronounce words with British accent. Other new language skills include increased vocabulary with a background of all spheres of the society and improved fluency, as well as accuracy using idioms and phrasal verbs.

All in all, studying at Kings has helped me not only improve my language skills, but also learn a lot of new information about other countries and gain a greater understanding of the world. I wish I had more weeks to study with the online community at Kings, however, I have to prepare for the university. I am extremely grateful to the Kings team for the experience I gained there!”

Whether you want to learn English remotely, in person, or a blend of both, there will be a course to suit your needs at Kings. Find out more.