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Learning English remotely to prepare for the Advanced Level Foundation

13 May, 2021
Learning English remotely to prepare for the Advanced Level Foundation

Sun Pak Choy (Manson) is currently taking an online English course with Kings to improve his academic English skills and gain confidence before joining the Advanced Level Foundation course at Kings Bournemouth. Here, he shares his experience so far.

“Hi, everyone. Nice to meet you. I am Manson Choy Sun Pak from Hong Kong. I am currently doing an academic course with Kings, and I am planning to study with Kings for a year and half.

As the COVID-19 pandemic strikes, I have been studying online — for the past 5 months. It was quite a new experience for me I can say, because for the past 15 years of studying, it was all face-to-face lessons. Despite sometimes being confused by the technical problems online, I can easily access to the class.

Each class contains students from all over the world, so you can practise listening to different accents of English. In class, the teacher and students interact with each other, you can chat with the teacher like friends, I think this is important in teaching. In class, the teacher always asks you questions, and you can ask questions anytime you want. If you do not have time to ask, you can also stay after class or just text the teacher privately.

For me, learning English is essential. One of the reasons for me to learn English is because of my future career. And I think that English is a worldwide language, people can understand English even if you are in a different country.

I chose to study at Kings because they provides a wide range of courses, and as I have said before, Kings contains students from all over the world, and you can only speak English in class.

Studying English in UK is the best for me as they have the best accent and I can benefit from it. I planned to study in UK at first, but because of the pandemic I had to change my plans.

From what I have experienced in Kings, I would like to recommend it to my friends."

Whether you want to learn English remotely, in person, or a blend of both, there will be a course to suit your needs at Kings. Find out more.