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Learning English online with Kings

22 Apr, 2020
Learning English online with Kings

We asked some of our Kings English students about their thoughts of moving to learning online.

While it is a very different experience for all our students, they are adapting quickly and are finding that learning online can be just as enjoyable and productive as learning in a traditional classroom.

Here is what a few of our students have to say.

Javier Fernandez-Feo Vazquez

From Venezuela
Course: Diploma of Intensive English

“I can spend more time in self-study. You just open the laptop and take the class.

“I like when I have to discuss with other students in a “separate” online group because I most enjoy speaking practice and the online lesson can be difficult with the number of documents.

“The listening practice is good and can be challenging. Also the application you must use online is all in English which is also a different way to learn.”

Abdulrahman Alzugaubi

From Saudi Arabia

Course: Intensive Course

“I prefer my grammar lessons as I like the exercises and think that learning grammar online is effective.”

Cristovao Evandro Patricio Da Silva

From Angola

Course: Diploma of Intensive English

“Online courses give you full control of what you’re learning and your learning experience because the schedule is very flexible. There is more time for self-study and the comfort to learn at your own pace.

I have most enjoyed the grammar lessons because the interaction is interesting when we break up into smaller teams online. You have more space to be comfortable and it doesn’t matter if you’re shy because you have more privacy than in a classroom.”

Tasneem Balakhtab

From Saudi Arabia

Course: Intensive Course

“The classes were very good. Actually because I’ve got very good and helpful teachers.”

Carla Ebner
From Switzerland
Course: Cambridge Exam Preparation

“I think the work we have to do in groups in the chatrooms are very nice and interesting. I really enjoy it. But also the time when we are as a whole class, because we are less students now, so everyone is interacting.

I like the online class very much. It is different of course, but I think we can still learn well, especially because we are talking more now. And you also get used to it quite fast, after two weeks it already felt very normal to me and I knew how to use the app and how to interact exactly.”