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Learning English in Bournemouth and Oxford

17 Jun, 2019
Learning English in Bournemouth and Oxford

Pei-Ching Lu (Minnie), from Taiwan, studied English at Kings Bournemouth for 7 months, and is now at Kings Oxford for a further 2 months. She shares what she likes about both places.

Hi Minnie. What course are you taking at Kings and how long are you studying for?

My course is Intensive English and I am doing IELTS. I studied for several months at Kings in Bournemouth, and after that I changed to Kings Oxford for 8 weeks. I am here until July.

Why are you improving your English?

Because I want to study at university in the UK so I need to improve my English. Also when I want to find a job it is easier if my English is very good and I will find a better job.

Also, I love travelling, so English for me is very important. I can make a lot of foreign friends.

How is your course going so far? Do you like your lessons?

Yeah I really like my course at Kings because the teacher is very good and very kind. It’s really interesting in my class, in IELTS and all the classes — I really love it. I am in Level 5. When I started in Bournemouth I started in Level 2, so I have improved a lot.

Had you studied English before?

Yes I studied English in my home country, but I didn’t actually really like English until I came to the UK. Now I really like English. I changed my mind!

Where are you staying?

Before, when I was studying in Bournemouth, I lived with a host family. Now I have changed to Oxford, I live with my friend in a private flat.

Have you joined any social activities?

Yes, when I was in Bournemouth I joined the Conversation Club. I think that helped to improve my English. Here in Oxford I want to join the gym or do something active.

What do you think of the location of Kings Oxford?

I want to say that it’s fantastic, because it’s in the city centre so it is very convenient if you want to go shopping or go to the library or a book store after school. Usually I am with my friend so we go to the library to study. There are a lot of international restaurants too which is very good for me.

What are your plans for the future?

I want to study at university in the UK because I really like UK culture and also here the environment, for me, is very awesome. I really like the people in the UK because they are really kind, and I like the English environment. I enjoy speaking with lots of different people.

What would you say to other student who are thinking about coming to Kings in the future?

If they want to go to Bournemouth, I would say that it’s a really good place because they have a beach and it’s very relaxing there.

Oxford is good as well because it is in the city centre which is very convenient, and I love all the old historic buildings. The city centre is quite safe too. I liked Oxford better overall.