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Learning English for a career in hospitality

05 Sep, 2016
Learning English for a career in hospitality

Natascha Lehmann from Switzerland recently studied on the Compact Course at Kings Bournemouth. We met up with her during her time with us to find out more about her reasons for learning English.

Hi Natascha. What course are you doing here at Kings?
I’m on the Compact Course – I have lessons in the morning then free afternoons. Sometimes I do the activities, sometimes I practise my English and do self-study. I speak a lot with my host family, and with my friends. There are not many people from Switzerland here so I can practise a lot.

What made you come and learn English?
I did an apprenticeship in a hotel and English is very important all over the world. I had three years with no English and this is the first time that I have learned it.

So you’ve made good progress?
Yes, I think so.

What made you decide to come to Kings?
My agent recommended it to me. I’m very happy that I have come here because I know some other schools have a lot of Swiss students, and then that makes it difficult to practise English.

How many people are in your classes?
At the moment 13 – it’s ok. We can speak and the teacher does good lessons.

Is your apprenticeship in the German part of Switzerland?
Yes, it’s in a small village – I’m looking for a new job in a bigger hotel, maybe in another city.

I finished my apprenticeship last year, then I worked for 5 months, then I spent 3 months learning French and now I’m in England for 3 months. After I’ll try to work again.

Do you like Bournemouth?
Yes, it’s nice with the beach. There is lots to do.

Have you been on excursions to other cities?
Yes, to Brighton, Cardiff, the Isle of Wight and London.

Was this your first time in the UK?
Yes it was, I like it! Sometimes the weather is a bit strange, but I like it. It was a good choice to come here.

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