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Learning about the business of chocolate in Boston

23 Oct, 2017
Learning about the business of chocolate in Boston

English Plus Business and Leadership course student Constantin, from Germany, reports on a delicious class visit to local Boston business Taza Chocolate. Students taking this course at Kings Boston embark on an educational visit to a local business, start-up, or entrepreneurial institution in order to put their new skills into practice in the real-world and meet real members of the local business community.

This summer our teacher decided to go on a field trip with our Business and Leadership class to Taza, a chocolate startup company.

When we got there we were kindly received by a staff member which also guided the tour we booked there. First he gave us some basic information about the company, the origin of the cocoa bean and how everything started.

Taza was created by Alex Whitmore. He got his idea in Mexico on one of his many trips. He was so inspired by the rustic style of chocolate that he decided to create a chocolate factory back home in Somerville, MA. In 2005, he officially launched Taza with his wife, who is the Manager and designer all of the packaging.

After learning this and already tasting a bunch of chocolate, we moved on and our tour guide showed us how the chocolate was made in the different rooms. Of course everything was automatized. I was pretty amazed by how everything was produced, because they still use some traditional elements, for example the Mexican stone mills, called 'molinos'. They are hand-carved stones which create the bold and rustic chocolate with the fruity flavor.

At the end of our tour we could purchase some chocolate in their included shop and of course try more chocolate!

I enjoyed the trip a lot (not only because of all the chocolate we were able to taste) and I was very inspired and impressed by how a couple could create a company that is now so successful.