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Kings's Got Talent! A fantastic talent show in London

18 Dec, 2017
Kings's Got Talent! A fantastic talent show in London

Kings London's latest 'Kings's Got Talent' show took place on 29 November, after weeks of suspense, rehearsals and hype! Teacher Liz Gilbert tells us all about the event.

Kings Staff took to this activity very enthusiastically, and it was wonderful to see students getting involved as well.

The theme of the show was 'Consent'. The afternoon started with EFL Director of Studies Danny Carroll discussing the importance of consent in general, and how we had all consented to participate or be in the audience at this event. We talked about how consent is central to all our lives and all our relationships, and how important it is to ask for consent.

Then '50 Pence' — Kings London’s very own rapper — took to the stage and kicked off the festivities with the first act, the EFL staff choir, singing an alternative version of Pink Floyd's 'Another Brick in the Wall' tentatively titled "We all need Kings Education".

This musical masterpiece was followed by yet more teaching talent with teacher Michele singing for us in Chinese. Our Mandarin speakers were amazed by the accuracy of her pronunciation! After her, one of our lovely Brazilian students, Lourdes, serenaded us with voice and guitar with a traditional song in Portuguese.

Next up came teachers Louise, Peter and Pamela singing 'Something Stupid. They were followed by 50 Pence rapping a traditional Mexican song 'La Chilanga Banda', then teacher Peter blew us away with his opera skills and sang an aria. Our long-serving activity leader, Joel then played an amazing cover of Stevie Wonder's Superstition, after which teachers Rachel, Liz and Pamela treated us to a flute version of 'Despacito' along with a dance and a rap!

After that, Davide amazed us with his counting abilities, then Danny and Joel played an amazing duet. Finally, Dmitrii showcased his drawing talents with a live drawing during the show, and Valcii offered us the chance to discover our own astrological charts and find out about what our futures held.

Kings's Got Talent contestant Davide; the contest winners together; contestant Lourdes performing.

It seemed like Peter would win the competition after his fabulous opera performance, when Maurane came in and played an incredible cover of Selah Sue's 'Raggamuffin'.

As the topic of this KGT was consent, we asked the audience to vote for the winner. It had to be Maurane! Her beautiful voice was mesmerizing and her guitar playing was fantastic. Peter took second place for his jaw-dropping aria, and Lourdes came in third place for her wonderful traditional song.

After the prize-giving, we sang 'We Are The Champions' to finish what was a brilliant event.

One of our students, Julian, said:

"I had an amusing afternoon when I went to see Kings's Got Talent on Wednesday with my friend.

The show started with some teachers singing about what we have to do at school and they were dancing. All the audience were watching and laughing. After them there were some performances by students and the other teachers.

One of the most impressive was Peter, a teacher who sang part of an opera. It was amazing. He interpreted it with pleasure and enthusiasm. But we saw some other talents. A girl from France who can sing really well. Now I know that my teachers at Kings have a talent.

Unfortunately, we didn't see a lot of students who got a talent and I'm sure there are a lot of them who can sing, dance or something else.

I would recommend it to all the students who are at Kings when they organize this event. It was one of my unforgettable moments at Kings."


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