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Kings Wisconsin students enjoy the first month of a new semester

27 Feb, 2024
Kings Wisconsin students enjoy the first month of a new semester

Lots of things happened in February for Kings Wisconsin as it is the month of love, Lunar New Year, and the start of the Spring semester!

Kings organized lots of events in February which included Karaoke (suggested by students to host), bowling, Lunar New Year Bingo, Valentine’s Day card-making, bouquets for students, a Ski trip along weekly workshops by our Kings Student Success Advisor.

In addition to events organized by Kings lots of events were happening on campus such as a therapy dog visit, an academic open house where students were able to ask the professor about each subject and major offered on campus, professional headshots for your LinkedIn, and the Involvement Fair where students have the opportunity sign up for on-campus clubs that are offered.

February is the first month of the semester so, it gives the students a chance to work on their student profile by being involved on campus, getting on-campus jobs, networking with professors, making new friends, meeting with their Kings Student Success Advisor to discuss their plans, as well as review their final steps of submitting their transfer application. They can also take volunteer opportunities, and apply for scholarships offered by Community Foundation for the following year.

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