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Kings Wisconsin students take on the slopes!

25 Feb, 2023
Kings Wisconsin students take on the slopes!

Kings WI went on their annual Ski Trip this month! Instead of going to their usual Ski Resort Nordic Mountain, students ventured somewhere new, Devil’s Head Resort. Devil’s Head is the 3rd largest ski resort in Wisconsin - only 2 hours away from Fox Village Student Housing and even closer to Madison! Tirtha Gurung, Campus Support and Housing Coordinator tells us more.

"Everyone met at Fox Village Student housing and headed to Devil’s head at 9 am. It was a smooth and comfortable drive to Devil’s Head but once we reached the venue it was all waiting game as the venue was busy. Once that wait was over it was all exciting. Half of our group knew how to ski or snowboard so, they went separate ways and newbies went to the bunny hill to practice before they could even go to the actual hill.

Mandi, Kings Student Success Advisor was our ski instructor for the day along with Aika and Minseok who taught snowboarding. It was a beautiful day as it was at a high of 40° Fahrenheit or 4/5° Celsius and sunny. Our newbies to snowboarding and skiing were fast learners so; they were able to go to actual hills after practicing for an hour or so.

Shikai Fang our GOP student from China who was learning to ski for the first time said he really enjoyed “Skiing from the mountain top was exciting and the scenery was beautiful.”

Aika Akagi, our KPU student from Japan said, “The view from the top was beautiful and wished I could have gone on more runs."

Mandi said "Even though the lines were long, the actual runs from the hills did not feel crowded as they were wide so, it felt empty, relaxing, and fun."

Due to the Devil’s Hill being a popular destination for skiing, there was a long wait for everything but at the end of the day, it was a fun and relaxing day with the perfect weather as there was no wind and sunny. It was a pleasant experience to be able to explore unfamiliar places and be able to reconnect with our Kings Alumni."

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