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Kings University Fair: A reason to find my dream university

23 Oct, 2023
Kings University Fair: A reason to find my dream university

Former Kings Brighton student Solaleh Nasri talks about why it’s important to attend the university fairs held by the schools around this time of year.

Back in October 2022, I (Solaleh) attended Kings Education University fair, which gave me a chance to find the university where I can develop my knowledge and skills in Diagnostic Radiography.

Kings university fairs will be happening in first two weeks of November 2023. When I went to mine one year ago, I found it extremely useful. There were different universities participating in this event. All students had a chance to meet the representatives and got advice on different courses, universities, and accommodation. I got many brochures with information related to course modules and entry requirements.

That day, I met Ms Windy Hon from UWE Bristol. I had the opportunity to gain lots of information about the university. Moreover, I showed her my personal statement draft, hoping to gain useful suggestions on how to improve. She was warm and friendly, provided me some very good tips on my statement and motivated me to do more research. She gave me lovely UWE logo bag, which I still use.

Windy and I have been in touch ever since. I have received more support from her throughout my application process. She linked me with a second year Diagnostic Radiography student before my interview, where I asked her a lot of questions about the interview process and her student life. I could think more deeply about the interview questions and how I could extend my answers. My interview went well and I received my conditional offer.

While I was waiting for the university’s decision, I attended the Open Day at UWE Bristol. There is lots of information that can be found on social media related to the university environment. However, I believe that you should visit the university in person to see if it’s suitable. I talked to both academics and admissions staff. Not only did I learn about healthcare professions. placements in different cities, but also I visited the X-ray room where I currently have my Monday practical sessions.

The university fair was the beginning of my journey to undergraduate degree studies. I believe this course will help me to become a professional radiographer, to get to the highest pinnacle of my life. I absolutely recommend you attend these useful events offered by Kings. It might be life changing for you too!

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