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Kings Oxford take the classroom outside at Shotover Country Park

21 Apr, 2024
Kings Oxford take the classroom outside at Shotover Country Park

On Friday, April 19th, amidst the lush woodlands of Shotover Country Park, our A2 Biology class embarked on a journey of ecological exploration. Led by Dr. Alex Brown, the day promised not just academic but also a chance for students to to fully immerse themselves in the park's natural wonders.

"The students began their ecology work by doing "mark-release-recapture" to estimate the population of woodlice and other insects in a clearing and spent the afternoon studying the species frequency and density of bluebells and other meadow species. Although it was an officially marked Biology practical, this trip doubled - as it always does - as a fun day out and an opportunity for our A2 students to relax in nature and enjoy each others' company. This is very important, considering it comes before our students' final exam push and going off to university and into the world! It's a treasured Kings day trip - and fortunately, despite a little rain early on, the weather held out.” - Dr. Alex Brown, Teacher of Biology.

"The trip was great fun, the scenery was beautiful, and we saw many different insects as well hiked up one the trails! All in all, it was a really enjoyable trip enjoyed by all!” - Trisha Aglave, A2 Student.

“Though our day was rather soggy we visited Shotover Park for our Biology A level fieldwork practical to study the biodiversity and abundance of species present. Starting in the dirt, catching woodlice, we rather messily and carefully marked them before releasing them for the later recapture. Between showers and with percy pigs to keep up the positive mood we found the Bluebell woods for a transect measurement which we repeated in the meadow when the sun finally came out. Heading back we went to the woodlice to recapture another sample for a population estimate.” - Nina Grace Slade, A2 Student.

“It was so beautiful with the different types of plants and gorgeous scenery. It was a very interesting, knowledgeable and fun experience. We went there to do a science practical where we had to see the diversity of animals and plants in different parts of the park. We also had a picnic where everyone was chatting, making jokes and, overall, just having a good time.” - Kirsten Aline Paulo Da Silva Estevao, A2 Student.

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