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Kings Oxford Spooktacular Halloween Party

25 Nov, 2019
Kings Oxford Spooktacular Halloween Party

Kings Oxford holds a spooktacular Halloween party again! Ada, who is studying first year of A-levels at Oxford reports on the recent special event!

When Octobers comes through our calendars the first word that comes to our mind is indeed - Halloween. You may directly think about trick-or-treating and dressing up with the perfect costume. However, our school believes that it is more than just that. This October Kings Oxford was in the Halloween spirit. With wickedly fun games, a great costume contest and an enjoyable karaoke time, everyone loved the Halloween party.

The first little detail everyone especially liked, was the little witch statue at the reception desk that gave popping candy. A very nice way to start our day. It was quite amazing that just an after an hour and a half after last lesson, when we came back to the school's cafeteria was nothing like we expected. It was fully decorated for Halloween in such short time. The scary music indicated the party had begun.

The first game was to put your hand through a box with blindfolds on and try to catch something inside it. It was still unknown what was in the box but there was something sticky. The winners managed to grab lots of pencil, the lucky ones got candies. Just next to the box, people were bobbing for apples, which was really funny to watch.

We also played ‘Just Dance’ and continued our way with the karaoke. The song choice changed from Frank Sinatra to Spice Girls with all of us singing in a chorus and feeling great. Lastly, the costume contest which deserves a special mention to our winner costume- Natalie (A2) as Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland.

Honestly, our Halloween party was a great way to spend the holiday together with our friends and I am excited for the next school party.

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