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Kings Oxford revisit Edinburgh

18 Mar, 2024
Kings Oxford revisit Edinburgh

Media Content Creator Cordelia Cross reports back on another fun-filled trip to Edinburgh with our English and International High School Programme (IHSP) students.

This term the Kings Oxford Activities team decided due to the success of our first Edinburgh trip that it was only right to offer a similar experience to our new IHSP students. This time, however, the experience was open to our EFL students studying English at our St. Michaels campus too. The trip offered a unique blend of education, and adventure, as well as an opportunity to bond with other students.

We gathered at Oxford train station bright and early for our departure train at 6.30 am, once aboard it was not long before the students took the opportunity to get a few extra hours of sleep in! After the six-hour journey, we eventually arrived in Edinburgh!

First, we headed to our hostel to drop off our luggage and then took the bus to the old part of the city to explore and get some lunch. After lunch, it was time to take the group to see the views from the top of Arthur’s Seat, the city’s main peak. It offers spectacular panoramic views of the city and the surrounding Scottish landscape. The hike itself was an exhilarating challenge, of course, rewarded by the breathtaking views upon its peak.

Following the descent, we travelled back to the hostel to have some downtime, properly unpack and ready ourselves for the evening activities. As it turned dark, we gathered ready to embark on a historical ghost tour. Our guide, played, in character a 1600s Scott's cannibal which added greatly to the overall tour. Our guide delved into Edinburgh’s spooky and somewhat horrifying past, showing us areas of the city known as being the most haunted. This included wandering around the famous graveyard in Scotland, as well as going into an old underground vault, which most certainly was eerie to say the least!

After the spine-tingling tour, it was time for a group dinner, offering a chance to reflect on the day's adventures and talk over plans for the following day. The day concluded with our return back to the hostel, where students were well and truly ready for a rest and recharge for another day of exploration.

The following morning, we gathered for a group breakfast in the hotel's dining area. Once we were all fuelled up it was time to head back into the heart of the city and visit the historical Edinburgh Castle. Perched atop Castle Rock, this historic fortress is a symbol of Scotland’s heritage, the audio guide offered insight and background into Scotland’s tumultuous past and the multiple battles that took place in this historical landmark. After some time exploring and learning about the castle we enjoyed a stroll down the Royal Mile, soaking up the atmosphere, and popping into souvenir shops along the way.

We then gave the students some free time to enjoy exploring Edinburgh’s vibrant streets and get some lunch. We then arranged a meeting point to gather everyone and return to the hotel to collect our luggage, from here to travelled directly to the train station to embark on our long homeward journey back to Oxford.

The trip offered a pleasant break away from the classroom, and an opportunity to gain independence in an immersive educational environment. From the heights of Arthur's Seat to the depths of Edinburgh's ghostly past, students return home with stories to tell and memories to cherish. All in all, it was a hugely successful trip enjoyed by all. Huge thanks to Simon Devenport for organising and executing our Scottish adventure!

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