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Kings Oxford host Table Tennis Tournament

23 Feb, 2024
Kings Oxford host Table Tennis Tournament

It was a battle of the paddles this month at Kings Oxford! Cordelia Cross, Media Content Creator at Kings Oxford, provides an update on the recent Table Tennis Tournament.

On the 13th of February Kings Oxford held a friendly, yet competitive singles table tennis tournament in the canteen of our academic school, St. Joesephs. The tournament was open to all Kings Oxford students, both academic and English language students, with a total of 13 players signing up to take each other on. They battled it down to the final two in knockout-styled rounds, each playing the first to 11. It was a fiery back-and-forth of quick shots and hard hits!

There was a lot of talent on display, with a strong cohort of Burmese students competing. It was no surprise that the majority of our competitors were keen, consistent players, always practising and playing in their breaks between lessons, drastically upping the level of talent demonstrated in the tournament.

Rama, our designated sporting activity leader was table side to keep score and work out each match, as the students whittled it down to the final two players.

Nick from Georgia was crowned our winner, who won two free cinema tickets, as well as our Kings Oxford table tennis trophy, still yet to be engraved with our champion’s name. Congratulations Nick, you demonstrated not only great skill and talent but also excellent sportsmanship!

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