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Kings New York students learn how to GO Rochester

22 Oct, 2019
Kings New York students learn how to GO Rochester

On 4th October, Kings New York students and staff had the fantastic opportunity to welcome Demeara Torres, Senior Admissions Counselor and Transfer Representative at the University of Rochester, to campus.

Students were able to learn more about the fantastic academics at the University of Rochester (ranked #29), including top ranked programs in Business, Economics, Engineering, Physics and Psychology.

This was also a chance for students to learn more about Kings’ partnership with the University of Rochester, the benefits of the GO: Rochester conditional offer program, and how they can reach guaranteed transfer requirements.

UPP student Changxuan Liu from China received a Conditional Letter of Admission to the University of Rochester (UR) through Kings before he arrived. After the session, he responded,

“I learned a lot about Rochester’s offerings, I think UR has a really good Engineering program. I will definitely apply to the Engineering major there.”

Demeara also took some time to discuss key aspects of the University of Rochester transfer application. For students looking to improve their transfer essays, she suggested making sure to address the reasons for selecting a major and how they have prepared when it comes to academic and to show how they embody Rochester’s motto of Meliora ('Ever better').

Demeara also offered some tips for the mandatory UR interview, including that students should feel relaxed, be themselves, answer honestly and be sure to have at least one question to ask the interviewer.

Students also had a chance to ask questions about Rochester’s academic clusters, research opportunities, on campus jobs and professional internships. After the meeting, Chun-Yu Chao, an Art and Design major from Taiwan said,

“The campus jobs at Rochester are interesting to me. I also like the Art major at Rochester.”

Kings New York students were engaged in the info session. For several shy students, the chance to ask questions to an Admissions Officer in person allowed them to feel more confident in their English-speaking skills.

Most students report interest in applying to Rochester in the future. Vlada Vokryachko from Azerbaijan said,

“I found the visit very informative. I learned about the admission requirements for transfer students and programs available at UR. Since I am planning to transfer, this was very useful to know. What particularly caught my attention is that you don't have to declare your major as soon as you apply, and that university has wide research opportunities. Considering this, I am currently looking forward to apply.”

With a wide selection of majors, supportive community and rigorous academic environment, University of Rochester is an ideal environment for students who want to push themselves while discovering their true passion. Kings is delighted to be able to bring these opportunities to our students on campus in the United States. We look forward to having a chance to bring UR admissions staff back onto campus in the future!