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What makes Kings New York such a great place to learn English

04 Aug, 2021
What makes Kings New York such a great place to learn English

We recently spoke to Stella Guarnieri, Academic Affairs Manager at Kings New York about getting back to in-person teaching this Fall, and what the new location on campus at the College of Mount Saint Vincent offers our students.

Hi Stella. What are you most looking forward to about beginning in-person or blended classes with students once again?

We have made online classes work, but it is a less than ideal way to acquire a language. Students learn so much from each other, and being in the same room is necessary to maximize student interaction. We heard from students over the years that their richest experiences at Kings came from living, dining, traveling, and having fun together.

The new home of Kings New York is the College of Mount Saint Vincent. How would you describe the setting to students, and what would you say are the best things about the campus?

"The College of Mount Saint Vincent is a beautiful campus with amazing views of the Hudson River."

The college has a rich history, which you can see in photos around the campus, and continues to build new dorms and renovate existing buildings. It is a quick commute to New York City and additionally has great nearby options for dining, shopping, and spending time in nature.

What is the area of Riverdale like, and what are the benefits to students of being based there?

"Riverdale is the northmost point, and one of the most beautiful and safe neighborhoods in New York City."

There are some great restaurants, but Riverdale is most notable for its beautiful parks and waterfront views.

What is life like currently in both the area around CMSV (Riverdale) and New York City in general? Does it feel relatively normal now that Covid-related restrictions are easing?

New York is moving towards feeling normal. It is very easy to get vaccinated here, even for people who don’t live in NY. Cultural institutions, like museums and monuments, are open and live theater in NY will resume starting in September.

When it comes to New York as a study destination, what would you say makes it such a good choice for English language students?

Students who study here participate in New York City life and interact with people from all over the world. Kings students have spent time in Central Park, visited tourist sites, seen plays and musicals, played soccer near the Brooklyn Bridge, taken dance classes, kayaked on the Hudson and so much more.

"As a native New Yorker what I love most about NYC is that it is always developing."

A great example is Little Island, a beautiful park built on the Hudson River that just opened in May.