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Kings London: I want to be a Lawyer

28 Feb, 2023
Kings London: I want to be a Lawyer

Meet Mythily who is taking her Advanced Level Foundation at Kings London!

"I decided to come to Kings as I heard it was an excellent pathway to get into the universities in the UK.

My experience here has been very comfortable, the school really takes care of international students in terms of both integrating into a new academic system and our emotional well-being.

Making friends is easy, especially if you stay in the school’s accommodation as you live together and you get to know people better. In school, it’s also easy to make friends as everyone is in the same situation as you and everyone is away from home so we find comfort in each other.

After Kings I plan to go to university to study Law, Kings has actually given me a lot of additional resources on top of the information I learn in class, they’ve allowed me to take additional classes to get me more accustomed to the UK legal system. This means I can be better prepared for when I get into Law school.”

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