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Kings London host successful spring UK University Fair

12 Feb, 2020
Kings London host successful spring UK University Fair

On the 8th February 2020, Kings London held its annual Spring University Fair. This was for all new January Advanced Level Foundation, Art and Design and International Business Foundation students from the four UK schools. In addition to these students, the fair was also open to current first year A Level students.

We spoke to representatives from some of our key university partners in the UK and ask them some questions.

How would you describe your relationship with Kings?

University of Brighton: “We have a positive working relationship and we work very closely with each other in terms of attending events and seeking opportunities, providing advice and creating options for each other. Kings are very professional and very welcoming”.

Goldsmiths University: “It has been really friendly and very welcoming! We are very eager to engage with providing the best opportunities for Kings students. The staff have been very encouraging as well”.

University of Strathclyde: “We have a really good relationship with Kings, we have been working with each other for a couple of years and overall we’ve had events which strengthens our relationship. The university fair Kings hold is a great opportunity to meet and see all of the students”.

University of Surrey: “It has been quite solid and this year has been very good. We’ve visited quite a lot and have visited Kings Brighton Campus, which was the best way to engage with students and in the past they have created bespoke visits. The relationship we have is great, it is really good!”.

Aston University: “Our relationship with Kings is very good. We have regular contact with councillors and the University fairs are a great way to meet the students”.

What are you looking for in Kings students when they apply to your University?

University of Brighton: “We are looking for is that the student is really passionate about their subject they are wanting to study. They should demonstrate that they have done their research, so well prepared!”.

Goldsmiths University: “What we are looking for in students, is that they are really passionate about the subject they want to study and push in slightly different directions with studying and careers. We are mainly a Social Science and Arts University, so we are looking for students who are interested in political changes, management and art. The student has to be very passionate and keen to improve the wider community”.

University of Strathclyde: “We are looking for students who have considered what they really want to study and have a real interest in the subject”.

University of York: “We are looking for academic excellence and we really want students from around the world. We really want to push on international cultures, it is really important and very important for our institution”.

University of Surrey: “Students who are motivated in a subject that they know and want to study. Surrey is a great place for students who are interested in employability and have great faculties. We offer a unique campus life and we are really interested in students who want to meet people from all over the world!”.

Aston University: “Other than academic requirements, effective English communication skills is great. We have had students from Kings who are now Student Ambassadors for Aston University. We are looking on increasing this number, as Kings Students are really important assets for us. We also accept Kings Foundation Medical students and have progression agreements”.

What top-tip would you give to Kings students before they apply to your University?

University of Brighton: “For us it would be, to get as much information as you can and to take the opportunity to attend events, such as Kings University Fair. Sit down with the councillors and hear from our current International students from Brighton University”.

Goldsmiths University: “The biggest thing for us is the personal statement, so not only who they are but where their passion lies. They should have an idea of what career path they want to take and really ‘sell’ themselves apart. Motivated Individuals are great! We love seeing wider experiences outside of their education”.

University of Strathclyde: “The personal statement should focus more on what they are achieving and what we really want to understand is how and what the student has achieved to date”.

University of York: “The personal statement is very useful and if they do have any relevant experience, it is even better”.

University of Surrey: “In our era, it is very easy to find information, but what is more effective is if the student has done their research. This maximises efficiency and we get to see the passion behind the student”.

Aston University: “Just do your research. Talk about how you can give back, just like our student ambassadors from Kings did. How would you promote Aston nationally and international?”

What does it mean for your University when Kings International students start their journey with you?

University of Brighton: “It is just great! They provide more knowledge and people from different backgrounds just means it provides a more rounded and in depth knowledge about different ideas and opportunities. We started off as an Arts school and we are based in a very creative city. We always explore different medians in Art and the courses themselves are 8th in the UK. From Fashion to animation, the students have more autonomy to constantly learn different things and learn how things can be approached differently. There is a range of guidance.

Furthermore, students studying Art have the opportunity to meet the course leader and get to see things as a first hand student. They get given tools before they go into second year. The international students are innovative and very responsible”.

Goldsmiths University: “it is so important and with greater diversity, we have to learn from each other and create a better community. We learn from our local and international students. It is combined experiences which only increase our learning. Even with certain subject areas, it’s amazing to see how they tackle problems. Learning how different nationalities approach different subjects, is really interesting!”.

University of Strathclyde:” We see a benefit in general with having International students on our campus. It brings a lot of advantages for our local students and staff. It is great to have an international environment on campus”.

University of York:” We offer loads of classes and some international students are more important in certain subjects, for example Business and Law”.

University of Surrey: “They come with a different outlook and different perspectives, they have a different education system and it really helps our British students. They have different viewpoints, which increases communications amongst our British and International students. Our Kings Alumni student, Amir from Iran is now a student ambassador for Surrey University. He has helped so much and is studying Business Management. Whenever Kings students come and visit us, he is always happy to see them! He Is such a great voice for Surrey University, we are grateful!”

Aston University: “We have students from over 30 countries, so we are very multicultural. It is always good to mix with International students, we have created long lasting relationships. From meeting students at the Kings fair, they were all engaged and are great students! They are really prepared and comes across as very independent. Very well equipped, which we love seeing!”