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Kings London: Everything about Kings is awesome!

11 Aug, 2023
Kings London: Everything about Kings is awesome!

Meet Natalia from Venezuela! Natalia joined Kings London for 2 months to enhance her English speaking and writing skills before heading to Istituto Marangoni, the iconic fashion school right in the heart of Milan.

"I came to Kings London as I really want to improve my English. i think I have a great base but i need to gain more confidence when I speak, so that's why I'm here and i think I'm doing great

i'm really enjoying it and I'm praying that these two months that I'm staying here pass really slow because I want to enjoy a lot here. I'm really happy, I love my friends and i made a lot of friends and a lot of plans. I love London and my teachers, everything about Kings is awesome!

I would 100% recommend Kings. Everyone comes with the same experience as you, they don't have friends, they're new or they're from another country so nobody is going to treat you bad becsuse you came to a desk and say "Hi, my name is Natalia"; that's how I started making friends.

After Kings, I will be studying at Istituo Marangoni in Milan and Fashion Designer! I'm really excited, that's why I'm here because my career will be in English."

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