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Kings Los Angeles students plan their own adventures

09 Apr, 2024
Kings Los Angeles students plan their own adventures

This past month at Kings Los Angeles, the weather has been warming up and the excitement of spring was in full swing. Along with all the fun activities we planned at Kings, our students all had their own adventures lined up too.

Our student Amirr, a native of Switzerland, has a very adventurous spirit. He went on a spontaneous road trip to see the eclipse in Texas. He has a deep love for cars, so he rented a Ford Mustang GT the day before he left, and then made his way. His trip came with various detours. He was originally planning to go to Waco, Texas but found out it would be too cloudy, so he drove up the solar eclipse path towards the small town of Utopia, Texas.

Amirr’s love for adventure started at an early age, as a kid he dreamed of becoming a stuntman, which is what also fueled his love for the film industry. He is currently also studying film on campus because he finally got the opportunity to pique his interest!

Jessie, one of our students from Taiwan, drove down to San Diego with a group of students to spend the weekend sightseeing. They explored many historic landmarks such as The US Midway, Balboa Park, and Old Town. She was in awe of how beautiful the city was and had a great time. Jessie is concluding her two-month study program this week. Jessie also got to experience a weekend in Las Vegas during her time studying here at Kings.

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