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Field trip to California State University – Fullerton

19 Oct, 2021
Field trip to California State University – Fullerton

On Wednesday October 6th Go: Prepared students at Kings Los Angeles went on a field trip to California State University – Fullerton. The trip gave them an in-depth look at the campus and the daily lives of the CSUF students.

The first stop on the campus tour was the Titan Student Union (TSU). At the TSU, students were shown around the food court and all the variety of fast food options. Although most students on campus have a meal plan, the food court is a quick and easy way to "grab a bite" before class.

At the TSU, there is a recreation area, where students can play billiards, ping pong, and different video games. This was a highlight of the tour. GO: Prepared students were impressed that there is a designated area to relax after a long day of classes and hang out with your friends. The coolest part of the recreation area was the on-campus bowling alley. Yes...there's a fully functioning bowling alley at CSUF!

The next stop was the campus bookstore. Although students can purchase their textbooks from online retailers, on occasion they may have material specific to their instructor would need to be purchased at the bookstore. In addition, the bookstore was home to all of the CSUF swag (hoodies, t-shirts, stickers, and souvenirs).

Students also visited the Gastronome dining hall. Students on campus could come here to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a buffet style spread. Although, it is a bit further away from campus, the variety of food each day makes it worth the walk!

The main attraction of the campus tour was one of the lecture halls, which could fit up to 250 students. Since class hadn't started yet, students were able to step in and look around. A true glimpse into the college class experience.

Overall, the trip was very insightful for the students. Students had an opportunity to see both domestic and international students on a typical Wednesday morning. Although they have a bit of time before they finish their Go: Prepared program, this trip made them excited about coming to CSUF.

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