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Hollywood students set goals for 2023

28 Jan, 2023
Hollywood students set goals for 2023

During the month of January, students at Kings Los Angeles have been sharing their resolutions and goals for 2023, and the steps they are taking to reach them!

Master Sho, from Tokyo, is going to study more! The suggested study time is 2 hours/day. He also wants to be on time for class, so is turning up the volume on his alarm clock!

Julia, from Brazil, wants to be healthier, and to eat quality, nourishing food. Julia has decided to eat breakfast every day so that she is able to concentrate on her English Plus Film classroom work.

Liu from Taiwan, wants to get his Master's degree in Business. Liu is taking advantage of the student lounge as he creates an afterschool study team for business leaders.

Geovanna wants to be less shy. She has joined our karaoke family and is making new friends while singing at the top of her lungs with 20 other students! She is having a blast.

Eduardo, from Brazil, stopped smoking! Eduardo has started a Chess Club as a result of missing smoking. Now he is “smoking out” the competition during the on-campus chess competitions!

Linda wants to be more alert in class so she started a yoga class in the student lounge every morning at 7am. We are up to 11 yoga / stretch students with similar goals.

Saya, from Japan, wants to explore nature more this year. With the ocean so very close to our campus it is exciting to explore the vast amount of beaches along the Pacific Coast.

All of the students are excited about their time at Kings Los Angeles!

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