Kings English: 5 tips for successful remote learning

In these unusual times, we’re all having to adapt quickly to new routines and circumstances. Many of our current students have had to return to their home countries mid-way through their course and pick up where they left off using our online learning provision, Classmate Plus. Other people may have been looking forward to coming to the UK or USA to start their course and have had to put their travel plans on hold for now.

Although learning remotely can’t provide all of the amazing experiences that studying abroad in-person offers, it’s a great way to keep working towards your goals and use your time productively.

Remote learning offers you the chance to study from the comfort of your own home on a flexible schedule that can be adapted to fit around other commitments.

It’s also a great opportunity to familiarise yourself with video conferencing, file sharing, and other technology that is bound to come in useful later in life within your career or whilst at university.

Here are 5 of our tips for successful remote learning:

1 Stick to a routine

Try to stick to a normal routine when studying at home, structuring your day and allocating specific time to certain tasks. Waking up, getting dressed, and having breakfast as your normally would will help you feel like you’re getting ready to go to school and you’ll feel more awake and ready to learn. Dedicate time for lessons, homework, self-study, regular breaks, meals, and other tasks and try to stick to this schedule day-to-day. Keeping to a schedule will also help you separate your study time from your relaxation time and will stop your days at home from blending into one and feeling endless.

2 Don’t be shy! Ask questions and be as vocal as possible in lessons

When attending lessons remotely, your teachers may not notice so easily if you are struggling with a new concept or need a bit more time to complete a particular task. It’s important to try not be shy and to speak up and ask for help when you need it. Your teachers will also make sure that they regularly check that the group are all following the lesson, as they would in a normal face-to-face lessons.

If you feel more comfortable, you can always send a message via the chat function. Most of your lessons will be recorded and be available to watch back afterwards and go over anything your were unsure of, and you can contact your teacher directly via email with any specific questions.

3 Stay focused

When studying at home it’s tempting to keep your social media networks open in your browser and your phone on the desk next to you with messages coming in from friends and family.

It’s a good idea to remove temptation by closing all unnecessary windows and turning your phone off or onto Airplane mode to make sure that you can focus properly.

Try to keep your study space as clear and organised as possible with minimal distractions and clutter. If you’re working at home in a shared space with friends or family members, try to to let them know your lesson schedule in advance so that they can avoid noisy activities —such as putting on the washing machine or vacuuming — at these times where possible!

4 Keep in touch with your classmates

One of the great things about studying abroad is the classmates you meet from around the world and the friendships you make. There’s no reason that this shouldn’t continue when learning remotely! Share your Skype/Whatsapp/social media contact details with your classmates so that you can discuss your in-class learning and ask each other questions. Link up with other Kings students from around the world in our Kings Classmate Facebook group.

5 Continue learning whilst you relax!

Make the most of your downtime to continue your learning whilst you relax and unwind. When streaming movies, TV shows and videos online, turn on the English subtitles to familiarise yourself with new vocabulary and spot the words you already know. If you use Google Chrome, try adding an extension to allow you to display subtitles in multiple languages to make it easier to see the comparison between English and your native language.

You could also have a go at re-reading one of your favourite novels in English. If you already know the general story and plot, you’ll be able to follow along using the language you understand, and can write down any new words you come across.

And finally... Stay positive! It's important to remember that the current situation is only temporary and that you will be able to see friends, travel, go back to school or university, and return to life as normal in the not too distant future with a newfound appreciation for your everyday routine and freedom!

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