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Exploring the Top UK Universities at Kings Brighton

05 Nov, 2019
Exploring the Top UK Universities at Kings Brighton

Kings Brighton recently held its annual University Fair providing officials from over 20 Higher Education Institutions.

The event was exclusively open to students across Kings Brighton, Oxford, London and Bournemouth, giving them the opportunity to gain one-to-one support with their application process and gain instant responses regarding any queries they had. Although online research is very supportive, the type of information received at the University Fair can add to the students’ decision-making. Kingston University stated, “It’s a great way to meet potential students and see what they are passionate about. Meeting students face to face in a day and age where everything is digital, is a great experience”.

In our interview below, we chat to some of the Universities and students that attended the Fair!

What Does it Mean for your University to Come Today?

“It’s a great opportunity to meet potential bright students and to network with the Kings' team. Finding out what kind of things the students are looking for means we can take their interests back to Aston University for further improvements”-Aston University

“A great way to meet the Kings College Students and see what the students are really passionate about”- Kingston University

“It’s good because we have been to Kings Oxford for the last few years, so it was nice to attend Kings College Brighton”- Keele University

“It’s a great opportunity to connect with the Kings Brighton College students. This is our first time so our aim is to progress In the next few years”. Bournemouth, Arts, Design & Media

How have our students progressed at your University?

“Our Medical Students who have come from Kings College are doing very well, so well in fact, we hope that this year they will become our Ambassadors who represent Aston”.- Aston University

“We are delighted to have accepted fast level foundation academics from Kings for our Medical course. It’s usually difficult to get on to but Kings have strong students!”-Keele University

“Our students are very hardworking and have a lot to do each week. The students I have spoken to today have seemed really determined and seem to know exactly what they want to do, which is great to see”. Bournemouth, Arts, Design & Media

“We’ve always been impressed by the quality of Kings Students. They have great academic abilities. Overcoming challenges such as studying in a different country alone shows they would make great Bristol Students”- Bristol University

What top tip would you give to Kings Students before applying to your University?

“Did you know that Birmingham has more length of canals than Venice? Birmingham is a great City! So come and have a tour and visit our campus”- Aston University

“For our Art & Design Course in particular, research! Whether it is online or face to face, make sure you go through everything. It’s not just what happens in the classroom but we also focus on the students extracurricular activities. It shows your passion on your subject area and we will be able to see that you are willing to go above and beyond for your passion!”- Kingston University

“As our Business and Medicine courses are quite poplar and are highly ranked, it would be advised to take a look at our Social Media sites, as it gives the individual a better insight to what we have to offer. Not only do we look at the academic transcript but we look at the individual themselves. We are delighted to have accepted fast level foundation academics from Kings for our Medical course. It’s usually difficult to get on to but Kings have strong students!”- Keele University

“Your Portfolio is a big thing when we look at the application. It is vital we see your personality shine through and each portfolio is checked against out guidelines, so come and visit us and get a feel for the place”. Bournemouth, Arts, Media & Design

Whatever your ambition, Kings Colleges offers an abundance of subjects and courses that will support you with the transition to University. As part of your journey at Kings, you will receive expert guidance on applying to the top UK Universities, classes to improve your personal statement and one-on-one interview practice.

“Kings help you prepare a lot! I have had great support from my Tutor, who has helped with my UCAS application. Not only this, but attending the University Fair gave me the chance to see the major Top UK Universities I want to apply for. Having one-to-one’s with the universities gives me more of an idea and feel of what it will be like at the next stage of my Educational journey”.- Kevin You

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