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Kings Brighton host successful homestay event for families

04 Dec, 2019
Kings Brighton host successful homestay event for families

On the 27th November, Kings Brighton held a Homestay Event to say thank you for the amazing job host families have done with looking after Kings students.

The event consisted of a meet and greet with staff, host families and student council, a tour of the school, and not only this, but the student Cooking Club had also prepared wonderful tasty bakes - ‘Bake off’ style for the families.

In our Interview below, we got chatting to some of the host families that attended the event!

How many years have you been a host family for?

Catherine- ‘I have been a host mum for two years and the students I have had, have been wonderful!’

Sandy- ‘ I have been a host mum for 3 years and I really enjoy it’

Gabriella and Guilio- ‘For 2-3 years now’

What have you enjoyed the most about it?

Catherine- ‘I LOVE different cultures and it is nice to learn about where the students are from, I am always learning. Also, my daughter has formed amazing relationships with the students, they’re like big sisters to her’.

Sandy- ‘You meet different people and of different ages. I have had students from 14 all the way up to 27, it’s great’

Gabriella and Gulio- ‘We love seeing different cultures and learning about them, so far, it has been a great experience and we really enjoy having Kings Students live with us. For Gulio, it is like having a big brother or sister, they are like family’.

What advice would you give to host families looking for Kings students?

Catherine- ‘Really make clear what they can and can’t do. Make them a cup of tea and show them the school and seafront! It is important to show them where the school is and how they can get to it’.

Gabriella and Gulio- ‘I have stayed with many families myself, so I know how they are feeling. But for families looking into becoming hosts, some students can get homesick, so you have to be caring and be there for them’

Can you share one of your memorable experiences as a Host Mum?

Catherine- ‘What is humous?’ She had never had humous before, which was new to me! I thought everyone knew what it was. she loved it so much, she took it back to Kazakhstan.

Sandy- ‘ My Grandson is usually really quiet but when our student left, he asked us where he had gone’

Gabriella and Guilio- ‘I have had many great experiences but for my son it has been to see different cultures and have the same experience as me’.