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Kings Bournemouth's restoration

23 Sep, 2022
Kings Bournemouth's restoration

For most of the year, Kings Bournemouth has been covered in scaffolding, so that the roof of the school could be fixed. This has meant throughout the summer; the school was undergoing a major makeover. This month however, the scaffolding has finally been taken down and the school has been restored to its original beauty.

Many of our academic students were very happy to return to school this month, after the summer, to see the school back to its normal self. There has been a very big build up, as lots of our students were hoping it would be down in time for the end of summer. However, with a couple of delays and unwanted issues occurring, we managed to pull it off in time for them to return instead.

One member of staff who was probably the most excited for the scaffolding to come down was our principal Andrew Roper. We are very fortunate to have a principal that cares immensely about not only the students, but also the building itself.

In the timeline of things happening at Kings Bournemouth, the scaffolding coming down marks a new chapter for the school. Not only has the school’s new makeover given many staff a new boost of morale and sense of pride in the school, but it has come at a time when we are at our busiest, welcoming many new students. There are many exciting times ahead for Kings Bournemouth, as the school continues to expand and grow

We look forward to inviting people to see Kings Bournemouth, looking even more beautiful and without scaffolding!